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The Hidden Pitfalls of Choosing a PR Firm: What They Don’t Want You to Know

Choosing a PR firm is like going on a first date. PR firms will put their best foot forward, presenting only the most appealing aspects of who they are. However, in this case, you’re not just looking for a good first impression; you’re searching for a life partner for your business, one that will stand by you through thick and thin. One that you can trust and count on. This decision carries substantial weight, as the right PR firm can catapult your brand into the limelight, while the wrong choice could set you back years — and may even ruin your company.

So, this is the definitive guide to How to Pick a PR Firm.

Industry Experience
The Importance: Knowledge of your industry is critical for a PR firm. PR professionals who understand the nuances and dynamics of your industry are far better positioned to identify opportunities, foresee challenges, and craft messages that resonate with your target audience. They can navigate industry jargon, understand key stakeholders, and have established relationships that can be leveraged for your benefit.

What You Don’t Want: A PR firm that lacks experience in your industry may struggle to connect with your audience on a meaningful level. They may spend valuable time and resources on a learning curve, trying to understand the basics of your industry, and might miss out on opportunities that an industry-experienced firm would readily seize. The lack of industry contacts could also limit the media exposure they can provide for your business.

Recent Results
The Importance: Recent is the keyword! A PR firm’s recent results give you a clearer picture of their ability to adapt to changing trends, innovate, and deliver in the current market scenario. So, give them a scenario “What’s a recent example of how you leveraged news of the day to get your client in the media?” or “When was the last time you did an announcement similar to this?”

What You Don’t Want: A PR firm that rests on the laurels of past successes could be a warning sign. While a proven track record is important, if the firm’s achievements date back several years, it might indicate a lack of recent successes. Or they may not be able to give you tangible examples.

The Account Team
When choosing a PR firm, the individuals who will be directly managing your account play a critical role in the decision-making process. Imagine buying a Rolls Royce but you can’t drive it. You’d definitely want to hire the right driver! So, make sure you meet your account team!

There are several things you need to know about the account team:

Experience Level: How many years of experience does each person on the team have? A seasoned team brings insights, expertise, and established industry connections that can greatly benefit your PR efforts.

Tenure at the Firm: How long has the team been with the PRfirm? Long-term team members are more likely to understand the firm’s approach and culture, which leads to better consistency and synergy in their work. And you won’t have to deal with turnover.

Examples of Their Work: Ask for specific examples of their work. They will be doing most of the work, so don’t you want to see what they have done in the past?

Their Role: Understand what each team member’s role would be in managing your account. This helps set clear expectations about who will handle different aspects of your PR campaign. And ask them what their work process looks like.

Number of Accounts: Most PR professionals handle an average of eight accounts. If someone is managing a much higher number of accounts, it might indicate they won’t be able to give your account the attention it deserves.

In conclusion, the process of choosing the right PR firm involves careful research and asking the right questions. By focusing on the firm’s industry experience, recent results, and the account team, you’re more likely to make an informed decision that aligns with your business’s needs and goals




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