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Trey Ditto
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The past two years have witnessed the rise of web3 and the expansion of projects beyond crypto. From NFTs to the Metaverse, companies are looking to break into fashion, art, music, culture and even sports. At the same time, brands are needing to balance their more mainstream consumer approach with the need to target early adopters who set trends and make purchases.

Having been in crypto since 2017, Ditto has a deep knowledge and understanding of emerging trends like NFTs. This experience and proven results are why some of the top leaders and projects in web3 and beyond look to Ditto for big, impactful awareness.

And the value we bring is simple: smart, forward thinking communications advice combined with high quality, impactful outputs. It’s that combination of strategy and results that make us the best in this space.


  • Unstoppable Domains, Crypto and NFT domain name provider
  • MakersPlace, a premier NFT marketplace
  • Ledger, a leading hardware and software security company protecting crypto and NFTs
  • Royal, a platform where you can buy ownership in songs directly from your favorite artists and earn royalties with them.


Unstoppable Domains

The largest producer and seller of NFT domain names, Unstoppable Domains was looking to make a name for itself while competitors like Ethereum Name Service dominated headlines. Unstoppable and its chief spokespeople, CEO Matthew Gould and Channel Chief Sandy Carter, have since been in mainstream outlets such as The New York Times, Fast Company, TechCrunch, VentureBeat and been on broadcast television with CNBC at SXSW. Ditto also secured Unstoppable Domains significant coverage during its most recent funding round.


When MakersPlace approached Ditto in early 2022, the NFT marketplace was looking to distinguish itself among an increasingly competitive space given the rising popularity of NFTs. MakersPlace had all the right pieces of the puzzle to establish themselves as the premier NFT marketplace — including A-list partnerships with the likes of Snoop Dogg and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, to name a few — and a lineup of creative drops that fully demonstrated the artistic potential of NFTs. Since partnering with Ditto, MakersPlace and its CEO, Silicon Valley veteran Craig Palmer, have been featured and quoted in the likes of Vogue Business, Fortune, and more.


The maker of the world’s most popular hardware wallet, Ledger, underwent a transformation to the leading security platform for web3. By announcements featuring new products and new hires, and with thought leadership and features on key Ledger spokespersons, Ditto forged Ledger a new public image, one aligning the brand with cultural tastemakers.


Back in 2018, Ditto helped Justin “3LAU” Blau launch his crypto-powered music festival and introduced him to the crypto community. With Royal, Ditto brought his new project out of stealth to make it the leading music NFT startup. From funding announcements to partnerships with Nas, Ditto led a month-over-month announcement strategy securing high-profile interviews across Royal’s target verticals, from print features in Billboard and Rolling Stone to live broadcast interviews on Bloomberg Tech and Yahoo! Finance.


“From crypto to NFTs, things move really quickly, and Ditto moves even quicker, proving to be an amazing partner for Royal and me over the past 4 years.” — Justin “3LAU” Blau, CEO and Co-Founder of Royal

“Ditto’s deep knowledge of the NFT and Metaverse space combined with their smart, forward thinking ideas and big results has made them an invaluable partner for Ledger.” — Pascal Gauthier, CEO of Ledger.



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