Covid PR: What companies can do to stay in front of customers, media

  1. Real genuine value — Is your product actually helping people right now? At Ditto, we are seeing a lot of this in the edtech space. Additionally, many fintech companies have been providing customers financial relief and advice for years.
  2. Company data — A lot of our clients are telling me that they are seeing a huge uptick in new customers. Companies need to leverage their data, not just to show they are making money but to show people are finding their products useful during these chaotic times.
  3. Tips and Listicles — Your company alone may not be important enough to get coverage. How can you be a part of a larger story or listicle? “Three things you can do at home to save money.”
  4. Survey — Whether you survey your own customers or do a quick survey on Survey Monkey, the media still loves hard data and information. But don’t make it self-serving. Think about the pain points of your potential customers first.
  5. Customer stories — Reporters are still looking for human interest stories. Some of them could be directly about your product: “How this teacher has adapted to online education.” Another angle could be more holistic: “How this teacher organizes her day to teach class and stay in touch w peers.”
  • Re-organizing internally to service clients. Are people being asked to do things they normally aren’t responsible for?
  • Remote work best practices. What are companies doing — and not doing — to ensure continuity? How are they maintaining a strong work culture with a remote workforce?
  • Industry insight. Now: What does the covid crisis mean for their industry? Future: What will this mean for their industry in the near and distant future?
  • Your commitment to customers and why they need you more than ever.
  1. What medium will they use? Video, Medium, blog, oped, YouTube, etc.
  2. How will they amplify it online? And who else will share it?
  3. Once it’s published, share it with the media who may be interested in an interview.



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Trey Ditto

Trey Ditto

CEO of Ditto PR, Brooklynite, new Dad, Crypto and tings