What the pros told me about content and community

5 Takeaways You May Have Missed at the Creator Economy Expo

Trey Ditto
2 min readMay 6, 2022

If you create content, you have to read this.

This week in Phoenix, creators and entrepreneurs came together to talk about everything from content to community to NFTs.

There was one common thing professional creators said that Wally Koval perfectly encapsulated, “Experiment without Expectation.”

These are the Top Five Takeaways:

  1. Chris Lema had a good point for people creating content: Think about content as seasonal, write for the next three months.

Why is this important? As Roberto Blake said, “Platforms reward frequency and consistency.”

2. Jeremiah Owyang had a good point to think about “content ecosystem” more than “content publishing.”

He was referring to the ecosystem of people, but it was help because I got to think about how I can take a piece of content and use it throughout a client content ecosystem.

Example: A piece of written content can include a quick video. That will help ensure we are posting content across our entire ecosystem and increasing the likelihood of better engagement.

3. Sonia Simone had a great reminder that content should be aligned with a client’s business goals and target audiences.

What does that look like? If a client wants to target talent, we should write content geared towards that audience. And targeting retail would be different than institutional content.

4. Another Sonia Simone takeaway for me was, Amplification should be a strategy, not a tactic.

From the very beginning, we should establish strategic ways to expand awareness through content. To include, where else our content could appear, guest postings, cross client promotions and Allies (who else has the client’s audience).

5. Jay Clouse talked a lot about community, and one overarching takeaway throughout the conference which he said as well was “Feedback loops are important” because it’s important to listen, and your audience can be a source for good ideas and information.



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