What Coinbase means for your crypto project

Coinbase’s public listing is an important step forward for crypto. Some see it as legitimizing the entire industry. But how? And what does this mean for your crypto project?

First, to skeptics, it’s another proof point that crypto isn’t a scam or a bubble. Sure, it’s not the silver bullet to every naysayer’s criticism, but Coinbase being a public company moves the debate forward in our favor. Also, it goes beyond “skeptics,” many of whom will never change their mind (Have fun staying poor). …

Using Anchor Protocol to understand DeFi

I spent a week utilizing Anchor Protocol to swap, buy, wrap, bridge, stake, deposit into a Liquidity Protocol and then stake the LP. And below, I laid out a simple step-by-step guide for anyone who is curious about how DeFi works.

I’m just gonna admit it: Given I run the best crypto PR practice in the galaxy, I should know more about DeFi. The reason Ditto got so good at crypto PR is because we took the time to learn it. …

Crypto Needs to Rethink How It Communicates

As I wrote about earlier, Coinbase is bringing new attention and more legitimacy to our industry, and projects need to re-think how they talk about themselves to a more mainstream audience if they want to capture these customers.

But how do projects re-position themselves?

The following is three things every project should do to grow their userbase and ensure their company is going in the right direction.

1.Understand your current customer base. That’s what Coinbase did! From noobs to institutional to traders, they knew exactly the personas of their customers! Successful companies do two things. They give people things they…

What you can learn from letting go

In the middle of a global pandemic, I unplugged and took a vacation for 30 days, leaving my start-up Ditto in the hands of 20 employees spread out all over the world.

The lessons I learned about myself, my company and my staff were invaluable.

  1. CEO self-care during Covid19 — I’ve always taken care of my employees. We have shut down the office multiple days during Covid19 and provided wellness resources ranging from yoga instructors to dietitians. And I make sure no one is working too late and stretched too thin on accounts. But, I never took my own advice…

Looking at how to conduct good Public Relations in crypto

The communications landscape in PR is always changing. In 2017, every outlet was scrambling to cover ICOs, Bitcoin and blockchain. That’s just not the case anymore, meaning projects need to re-think how they gain awareness and differentiate themselves.

**Why a crypto project wants media coverage**

Traditional media relations can serve a few purposes in crypto:

  1. Broad awareness — You just want to be in the media talking about topics that matter and being included in stories relevant to your business.
  2. Differentiation — You have competitors and you want readers to know the difference between you and them.
  3. Customer acquisition —…

EdTech will never have another moment like this.

If you have been in edtech as long as I have, at some point in the past couple months you have had that “here we are moment.” We have been saying for years the future of learning is online and the future of work is remote, and let’s be honest, we were early to the party. But Covid-19 has catapulted these topics into mainstream acceptance.

What this also means is that now more than ever the media is covering education and workforce issues, but the truth is that while more reporters are covering your space, they are getting inundated with…

What Edtech companies need to know about public relations during Covid19


Quick Intro: My PR firm Ditto specializes in edtech PR, and we have seen such a huge uptick in new business since Covid19, so I wanted to share with edtech companies what our PR playbook is and why we are seeing so much success with the media.

Background: Since Ditto PR was founded over eight years ago, education and education technology has been a specialty. Before coming to New York, I was the spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Education, handling K-12 and Higher Education issues. Leslie Ankney, an Associate Vice President in SF, was a public school educator before…

According to a new consumer survey Ditto conducted around shopping for Mother’s Day, which was conducted on March 10, 2020 and prior to the Covid crisis, an astonishing 42 percent of respondents say they purchase their gifts at the actual store.

Why This Matters: Millions of people may be shopping online for the first time ever for Mother’s Day. For brands, this is the largest opportunity in the history of retail to attract more, new customers, but it has to be done the right way. Consumers that did not previously shop online, are now getting acclimated to accessing services digitally.

For the majority of companies, public relations still isn’t a switch you turn on and the media immediately covers them. Even before Covid, there had to be a smart PR plan in place to stay in front of the media from as many different angles as possible. This could actually never be more true than now, as reporters are scrambling to cover so many different topics.

What does that mean? It’s times like these that smart, scrappy PR folk should be thriving.

Here’s the truth: We simply don’t know when pitches will align with a reporter’s or an outlet’s coverage…

Ditto was hired by five new companies in the past week, and I’ve never taken so many calls to simply listen to where brands are struggling and how I think they can navigate this crisis. And more companies came to the realization that they need a new approach to communications because there’s real opportunity, if done properly, and this isn’t a temporary crisis.

I wanted to share some of my thoughts, and what I’m hearing based on conversations with companies:

  1. Wrong and right way! For the past 2+ weeks, many companies have tried to message this on their own, and…

Trey Ditto

CEO of Ditto PR, Brooklynite, new Dad, Crypto and tings

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